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If you’re looking to increase the conversion rate and engagement on your Amazon listings, or need a compelling copy for your newly-launched product – keep reading.

We understand that copywriting is the mother of all digital marketing – that is where it all started. Our extensive experience working for ecommerce business in the last 6 years was easily leveraged to create a premium, direct-response copywriting service, customized for the Amazon marketplace. We’ve written over 100+ listings in the last 6 months alone.

Why are we so different from regular copywriters?


We have an in-depth understanding of Amazon’s platform, as we are also an Amazon seller, and we’ve worked hand-in-hand with many other sellers too. Our knowledge exceeds general copywriting skills because we take the time to understand your product better than anyone else. Copywriting for us is not just mere writing. Proper research needs to be done, and we take our time to do it.

The copywriting process Amazonia is proud of, consists of the following phases:


  1. Product discovery: learning about your products features, your audience, and unique selling proposition. The main goal of this phase is to understand the needs your product answers to; and the problems your product solves.
  2. Market research: we conduct a thorough market research to understand your target audience and the main pain points to target.
  3. Keyword research: To make your product listings rank on the first page of the search results, we start by doing a thorough keyword research, and identify the most important keywords to be able to embed them in your listing’s copy.
  4. Competitive research: Another part of the market research is to review top competitor’s listings and create a list of things they missed to mention in their listings.

Once we have a clear understanding of the market gap your product is fulfilling, we’ll make sure to deliver the appropriate message to your audience in a brand-consistent way.

Our main goal is to generate 10X ROI for your brand within 6 – 12 months of active work on optimizing your account for Amazon’s A9 ranking algorithm. As you probably already know, the A9 algorithm takes two things into an account when they calculate your listing’s ranking: product listing optimization and organic sales velocity.

Our copywriting service is aimed towards making listings that are optimized for search, without losing the feeling for customer experience, while on the listing. We understand that Amazon is a platform, but it was made by humans for humans.

If your product has a strong emotional purchase side, or has an added functionality your competitors currently don’t offer; or you have an exceptionally good customer service – let us communicate that message in the right way.

One simple change in a sentence can make all the difference in conversion rates. Let us discover what can be done for you, and make the most out of the traffic you receive every day.

Contact us today, let’s find the right approach and start scaling your account today!

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