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ZonRanker interview with Amazonia PPC

In this episode, we are talking with the founder of the ZonRanker tool, Jason Landro.

1. Jason tells us his story of how he started selling on Amazon, what mistakes they made and the lessons they learned from them, which enabled them to build and scale a big Amazon FBA business.

2. When scaling the account Jason noticed that there was an open need for streamlining the process of product launch and decided to build his tool.

3. We talk about various topics related to product launch: search-find-buy sequence, and two-step URLs

4. We talk about this tool’s features and pricing as well as show examples of how simple a product launch is when using this tool

5. Jason shares his views on the most important things to keep in mind when doing a product launch and his tips on scaling an Amazon FBA account

Amazon PPC with Abe Chomali – Standard Campaign Setup, Catch-all Campaigns, Product Targeting

Hi everyone,
In today’s interview, I chat with Abe Chomali from xpstrategy.com

Abe shared with me a couple of important tips and tricks on Amazon:

1) Abe shares his rich experience with selling online even before the internet came along 🙂
2) Abe shares the most important advice for all sellers, why every SKU needs to have its own ad group 7:50
3) standard campaign setup that they use to figure out where the product fits in the marketplace 11:19
4) The concept of “catch-all” campaigns explained in detail 13:03
5) Abe’s advice regarding product targeting 22:15
6) Profit-first approach to advertising 28:30
7) Abe’s impressions from the ASGTG event this year 35:10
8) Perspectives of listing on Walmart this year, and the insights on upcoming e-commerce platforms – Walmart and Google 45:20

Join the ASGTG community by following this link: https://www.asgtg.com/join-asgtg/

India Sourcing Trip – Interview With Meghla Bhardwaj about Sourcing from India

In today’s interview, we chat with the sourcing expert Meghla Bhardwaj.

Topics we covered:

– changes in the market landscape with the new tariffs for Chinese imported goods
– what are the advantages of sourcing from India
– how to find export-focused suppliers who design products suited to the western taste
– how to search for Indian suppliers online
– how to source on trade shows and what are the advantages of doing it personally
– what product categories are the best for sourcing from India
– what product categories you currently cannot source from India
– challenges of sourcing from India
– cultural differences to keep in mind when sourcing from India
– India Sourcing Trip – how it started and when it will happen this year
– ebook with basic information on how to source from India

Download the exclusive India sourcing guide for Amazon and online sellers here: https://www.indiasourcingtrip.com/optin29280931

Product Listing optimization with Mac Schlessinger

In this episode of FBA Spotlight Mac Schlessinger talks about best practices for product listing optimization coming from his rich background of 8 years selling on Amazon and optimizing product listings for other sellers. Learn from the best – as Mac breaks down PL optimization by each stage of the process including optimizing titles, bullet points, product description, A+ content, images and more.

Learn how to ensure you get the initial click on the search results page, how to make sure your listings are TOS compliant, how to speed up the process of getting A+ content even if you’re still waiting for your trademark, and how to avoid some of the most common mistakes in your listing optimization.

Subscribe to Mac’s newsletter to hear the latest news in Amazon space: http://eepurl.com/de6nr9

Get in touch with Mac on WhatsApp: https://bit.ly/37AXCXb

Product Targeting Strategies with Elizabeth Greene

In this episode, my colleague Elizabeth Greene from Junglr agency shares the latest strategies for product targeting coming from her experience.

Topics we cover in this video:

1) comparison of results between category level and ASIN level targeting

2) how to run an auto campaign to discover whether product targeting or keyword targeting would work better for your product

3) learn the workaround way for negating products from product targeting campaigns

4) why is it recommended to target your own products?

5) how to decide which products to target

6) methods for targeting by brand and age range

7) selling complementary products through product targeting and unlocking the upsell potential for your product portfolio

8) methods for stealing market share from competitors

9) first results of using product targeting with sponsored brands campaigns

Have any questions? Contact Elizabeth at https://www.junglr.com/

Inventory management with Michael Weir

In today’s video my guest Michael Weir from Inventory Boss, talks about the best ways to logically approach inventory management.
Michael has created a software followed by training for Amazon Sellers to get a hold of their inventory. I went through the whole course and I highly recommend it. Too many sellers focus on the front end: PPC, listing optimization, algorhitm, etc. but not a lot of them focus on the business operations such as inventory management, where true money really is made or lost.

Stop running out of inventory and cash flow, stop paying expensive air freight fees. Never order too much inventory again and start making decisions backed up by data calculated with mathematical precision.

Learn about the main 7 steps of managing inventory: your reorder point, seasonality index, forecasting your future demand, manually adjusting future events, economic order quantity calculations, balancing your warehouse stock with your FBA stock, and consolidate your shipping accordingly.

Enroll in the course for free on Michael’s website: www.inventoryboss.com

Amazon Inventory Management Tips with Orion Avidan

Today’s guest was Orion Avidan, the inventory balancing expert from Israel with 10 years of experience. Orion shared her experience with the main problems with inventory management and how to solve them.
This topic is more relevant than ever, now that Amazon temporarily stopped inbound shipments into their warehouses.

Learn from this wise lady:
1) how to deal with stock-outs
2) how to deal with excess inventory
3) what is the worst thing about purchasing more units to get a better price?
4) how to generate more cash flow through better inventory management?
5) Orion shows you how to analyze your price per unit sold and get into a profit-first mindset
6) Coronavirus updates and tips on how to deal with the hardship
7) Orion shared free access to her inventory management tools. One tool for analyzing excess stock and one for minimizing shortages.

Starting off on International Amazon Markets with Jana Krekic

In today’s video, my guest was Jana Krekic, founder and CEO of YLT Translations. Learn from Jana about the best ways to get started in international markets.

Learn about:
1) the added value of using native professional translators to translate your Amazon listings
2) what localization means
3) best tips for writing good listings for Spanish, French, and the Italian market
4) mistakes to avoid when doing listings translations
5) 2020 tip – join the newly opened Dutch market

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