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Brand Registry

When you register your brand you can:


  • Prevent fraudulent, false and unethical conduct
  • Gain access to brand-only tools
  • Generate potential copywright infringement report
  • Gain access to Brand Analytics reports
  • Run high converting Sponsored Brands ad types
  • Create A+ content pages and drive sales
  • Get your own Storefront and represent your brand and products in an eye-catching form

A+ Content Creation


Once you’ve driven the relevant traffic to the listing, you’ll need this traffic to buy from you. One of the most powerful tools for user retention that Amazon offers is definitely A+ content. A+ content (previously known as EBC content), is an additional space on the product listing page that allows you to explain your product’s features in more details, with additional imagery.

Why is this so important for your brand? There are a couple of reasons. You need to leverage A+ content for each individual listing to tell your customers about additional features of your product. Using this tool, you can stand out from the competition by describing your product in a different way.

We understand that copywriting is the mother of all digital marketing. Our team of skillful copywriters take their time to understand your product, it’s unique selling propositions, your customers and your competition. After a thorough keyword research, we craft a compelling copy for your A+ content by including a unique brand story, enhanced images and text placements.

Storefront Design


In-store experience is key for registered brands to drive customer loyalty and sales increase. Some of the key features of your own storefront on Amazon, includes: customizable layouts that allow you to make a unique design, built-in social media sharing buttons, and featuring of your own selection of products.

At Amazonia PPC, we build storefronts that use latest modern trends in visual content and curated display to communicate your brand’s message exactly how your audience needs to hear it.

The main benefits of having your own storefront on Amazon are: telling your own brands story in a manner consistent to your website’s, having a custom URL with brand analytics that will provide you with the right information about new-to-brand purchases, encourage brand loyalty and overall increased sales.

Create an engaging shopping experience for newcomers as well as customers loyal to your brand, by showing them a multi-page storefront consistent to the one you have on your ecommerce website.

Sponsored Brands Ads

Sponsored Brands Ads

There isn’t a more effective way to generate brand awareness for a new brand, than to drive targeted traffic to your listings and storefront through sponsored brands ads. Sponsored brand ads feature your logo, have a custom headline, custom image and include up to three of your products. These types of ads work wonderfully in generating brand awareness, and launching new products from an already existing product portfolio. You can use Sponsored Brands product targeting to gain even more placements on search results and product detail pages, and attention-grabbing Sponsored Video Ads that have highest click-through rate are an awesome thing to show your products and brand.

Sponsored brands ads are a great way to attract high-intent customers as they do their research on Amazon. Through NTB (new-to-brand) metrics, you’re allowed to measure how many new customers you’ve generated with Sponsored brands ads.

Contact our branding specialists today for a free evaluation of your current ad campaigns and a nice chat about next action steps to take your brand to the next level.

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