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We have worked with 100+ different Amazon brands so far and it’s safe to say we’re on top of the Amazon PPC management game.

The brands we have worked with are present in almost all categories, so we’re equally well-versed in more competitive and less competitive categories. We equally know our way with consumer goods and niche products.

Same way as working on different niches and product categories, we have worked on all Amazon marketplaces, including some of the less explored – Indian, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates.

Why should you choose to work with Amazonia?

Our team is passionate about Amazon PPC, and loves new challenges. We offer our service in all of the offered advertising options.

Sponsored Products

This campaign type is one of the most common campaign types on Amazon and it was one of the first campaign types introduced on Amazon’s advertising platform. Our Amazon PPC management follow the best practice of having aroun 70% – 80% sponsored products campaigns in your account.

They are basically the “bread and butter” of this advertising platform, since their main purpose is to drive more profitability in your account. The good thing about this campaign type is that you can choose between multiple targeting options: automatic targeting or manual.

You can also choose between two targeting methods: keyword targeting or product targeting. The best thing about sponsored products campaigns is that enables you a high level of targeting granularity, so we have maximum control over your advertising spend.

Sponsored Brands  

This campaign type is only available if your brand is enrolled in Brand Registry and is used mostly by brands that want to generate more brand exposure on Amazon. One of the main advantages of sponsored brands is that you can create custom ad creative, while preserving granular targeting options.

The targeting options in this campaign type are very similar to the Sponsored Products. Another super-exciting thing about sponsored brands ads is that you get to choose where you are sending your customer to. While sponsored products send customers only to the product detail page on Amazon; by using Sponsored Brands you can easily send them to your brand’s storefront or product collection.

If you have a good product video at hand, this ad format is also accepted in the sponsored brands ads. This format can generate really high engagement, which is why it’s become increasingly popular.

Sponsored Display

This is one of the newest and both most underexplored and underutilized campaign types on Amazon so far. We find sponsored display campaign type really exciting for the purposes of competitive targeting. You can choose to target by audience targeting or product targeting, and Amazon is giving sellers a lot of space on some new ad placements.

We consider these ad placements and display ad formats to be the main advantages of sponsored display ads, because the average user isn’t saturated with them yet.

DSP (Demand Side Platform)

DSP has become increasingly interesting to advertisers with high spend because it enables many advanced advertising options. By using DSP, you can target different audiences and demogrpahics which you find are most interested in your products. Also you can use  different ad types such as: display, video and audio. Also, DSP is exciting because it enables you access to exclusive audiences that are otherwise unavailable on the Seller Central advertising platform.

Amazon will show your ads not only on their main website but also on their whole network of website partners, websites and app that Amazon owns. Some of them are high authority websites such as IMDb, Goodreads, Audible, and many more. The exclusivity of audience targeting on DSP and the network full of exclusive placements make DSP platform well-worth it, because currently there aren’t many sellers using this platform. Therefore, there is less competition on this platform, which makes the ads more profitable.

Our Amazon PPC management processes include driving amazing results by using this amazing platform. Learn more how to enroll in DSP on Amazon.

Other types of marketing on Amazon we do for you

We also provide additional services related to Amazon PPC Management such as:

Our branding services that include storefront design and A+ content optimization are great drivers of higher conversion rates. Our copywriting service serves the same purpose, converting more visitors into buyers.

Having the knowledge in all of these different marketing solutions Amazon offers, makes us true Amazon marketing experts.

Still wondering why is Amazonia the right Amazon PPC agency for you?

✔️Contract length – our contracts last longer than some Hollywood marriages 😀 Jokes aside, our average client retention is longer than one year, and we ask for no minimum contract length guarantees.

You only stay with us if you’re happy with the results and the service you’re getting. That is our best guarantee that we’ll do all we can to make you happy.

✔️Custom reporting – each account is different, so we’ll create custom reports for each account. Whether your main goal is to grow the sales, or gain more profitability from the existing ad spend, we’re here to help.

One of the ways to achieve that is to know your numbers, and our agency creates custom reports for each client, according to the main metrics that are important to you. We will even go so granular that we’ll report on an ASIN/SKU level if that means clarity for you. Transparency is one of our main core values, and we take no excuse in not delivering it.

✔️Seasoned Amazon PPC experts – our team is consisted of PPC experts that came from other PPC platforms, such as Google, Facebook and Bing. All these other platforms started their own PPC advertising many years ago, and our team members were able to bring this expertise and experience into the Amazon marketplace.

Combining that knowledge of how other algorithms work, with the new advertising solutions now available on Amazon – we are true experts in knowing the exact sweet spot between optimizing your campaigns for algorithms and humans.

✔️Dedicated account manager – each of our clients receives a dedicated account manager, who will be your appointed manager. You maybe also get an assistant to help the manager with regular account optimization, but your account manager will be in charge of designing the PPC strategy and monitoring of the execution. How is this helpful?

It’s always easier to work with a friendly face, and knowing that there is a responsible person who is carefully monitoring your account is always a relief. We usually communicate with our clients over slack. Once a week we have a call with each client, and in the meantime, you can also reach your amazon ppc expert through the chat on a daily basis.

✔️Strong communication – like previously mentioned, we regularly speak with our clients at least on a weekly basis, to communicate all the changes made in the account, and also present new initiatives we have. Once you start working with us, you will receive a dedicated slack channel, which will be your own space where you can contact your account manager any time.

We’re believers that a strong communication is the key to good account performance, which is why we place so much focus on this part.

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Why should you use an Amazon PPC agency instead of doing it yourself?

The benefits of using an agency instead of doing it yourself are numerous. Having a great listing on Amazon and uploading just doesn’t do the trick anymore. In the last couple of years, the competition on Amazon has changed drastically, and professional help is more than welcome in these new conditions.

Dedicated account manager – our agency provides a dedicated account manager for every account that we manage. What does this mean? Your account manager is your first point of contact, and the subject matter expert on your account. This position is given to the people with the most experience with PPC, and if possible, within your product category. The person who is your account manager will be responsible for the results generated in the account and also the person who reports on them.

Save time – using an Amazon PPC management agency will help you save time on staying up to date with trends in the advertising industry. Amazon advertising landscape is quickly changing and it is our job t stay up to date with the latest changes. Having us as your reliable partner, you no longer have to worry about that. Also, as we have insights from other clients too, we can confirm with more certainty what changes are good and what are bad for your account.

It’s cost effective – our pricing is much more affordable than hiring an in-house PPC specialist. You can hire our experts part-time and fit your account’s needs at a fraction of a cost for an in-house employee. Another great thing is that you get a true PPC expertise from us, with an attitude of an in-house employee. We achieve this through our system of assigning dedicated account managers to your account. You will always have a friendly face to rely on, and at a fraction of a cost.

Save money on ACoS – managing an Amazon FBA business can be exhausting which results in not always having the time to optimize your PPC account. When we run an audit, we always easily recognize an account that is struggling with this problem. There are a lot of opportunities to save money on advertising spend – optimizing the search terms report, adding negative keywords, keyword bid optimization and more. If all these options are under-utilized, hiring a partner to handle this part of work will be worth your while.

Grow sales – having someone closely monitor your account will be efficient for growing your sales. Our team of Amazon PPC experts can easily recognize an opportunity for growth in your account. They are always on the lookout for new opportunities and when something new arrives, we will immediately let you know and start with new initiatives.

Consultations with our agency are free of charge and not obligatory. Contact us to learn how we can contribute to your brand’s success on Amazon.

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