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Amazon Branding

Build a brand by using Amazon’s branding tools. We create unique storefront and A+ content templates to showcase your brand in a manner consistent to your website.

Amazon PPC Services

Launch and optimize your products for maximum sales, using Amazon’s advertising platform. Let us manage this part, as we have done for more than 100 sellers so far.


Amazon Copywriting

Copywriting is the mother of all digital marketing. We understand that. Let us help you communicate your message to your audience so that it resonates with them.

We manage PPC campaigns on all marketplaces

We manage PPC campaigns on all marketplaces

Businesses we’ve already helped

"Amazonia PPC have saved me a tremendous amount of time in managing my Amazon PPC campaigns, while increasing sales and reducing the overall ACoS. Will continue working with the team into the future."

Nathan Jermolenko

Owner, Kuiper Ventures

"Jelena and her team did a great job. Super fast, easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and professional. I didn't know much about Google Analytics for Ecommerce but they brought me up to speed really quickly! Highly recommended!"


Owner, Sardius

"Each now and then you come across remarkable people and Igor is one of them. His advice and systems for our campaigns have been very helpful the results are speaking for themselves. Highly Recommended!"

Ryan Saville

Owner, Manufacturing Marketing Agency

"Excellent communication and attention to detail. Jelena really hones down on the importance of value, ROI and strategic planning rather jargon. Looking forward to progressing forward with our partnership!"


Owner, Skin Health Emporium

"Highly recommend Jelena and her team. Thorough professional with excellent communication skills."


Owner, Zuhne

"Jelena has shown great knowledge of structuring campaigns to increase sales, which helped us treble our ROI in a short period of time. But was also great with giving us advice on products and other ways of advertising.... Will definitely use again in future."


Owner, Focus Supplements

"Igor is a true expert in Google Analytics. He helped even more than I expected. Very friendly, knowledgeable and able to meet my crazy deadlines. Will definitely work with him again!"


Owner, Sardius

"Amazonia team has shown great knowledge of structuring our campaigns to increase sales, which helped us treble our ROI in a short period of time. But were also great with giving us advice on products and other ways of advertising.... Will definitely use again in future."

Jig Samani 

Owner, Redcappi

"Excellent to work with all around."



"Jelena is awesome. We run a digital agency with extremely high standards and Jelena was able to create a strategy for our clients and consistently improve month-to-month. We never lost a client during her time with us! I'd recommend Jelena to anyone that knows their own business well, but struggles with the details of PPC"


Owner, Koda Digital

"Great work! Thanks!"


Owner, MFF

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Frequently asked questions

What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC is an advertising system built by Amazon, that is auction based. This means that every advertiser is bidding on their targeted keywords that are relevant to the products they sell. The combination of the highest relevancy of the keyword to the advertised listing, and the highest bid; will determine what product gets to the first page of search results. There are three types of ads you can use under the Seller Central advertising platform: sponsored products, sponsored brands and sponsored display. If you want to use amazon PPC for the purposes of getting your product ranked on Amazon, we suggest you begin with Sponsored products and using keywords as a targeting method.

Does Amazon PPC really work?

Of course. In the past two years, Amazon has really developed their advertising platform so that Amazon sellers can leverage advertising to gain better organic ranking for their products. You need to be covered with a couple of aspects for success on Amazon:

  • Your product needs to be a result of thorough product research process – hopefully, before starting ads you already did different types of research.
  • Competitive price – your product offer should be attractive to your targeted audience and your prices should be competitive.
  • Product reviews – it is also super important to have at least 10 reviews before starting any PPC campaigns for that product, because good reviews are known to greatly improve conversion rates on your Amazon listing.
  • Healthy margin – your product needs to have a healthy margin in order to support the advertising cost without causing you the loss of money
How does Amazon PPC work?

Amazon has built an advertising system that relies on bidding for different keywords. This system is called pay-per-click, which means you only pay Amazon when a customer actually clicks on your ad, and visits your listing. It is very important to generate high click-through rates because they are one of the most important metrics for positioning your product in organic ranks on Amazon. In order to enter the pay-per-click advertising system you’ll need to create campaigns in the Seller Central interface and choose the keywords or products you want to target on Amazon.

Is Amazon PPC worth it?

Amazon PPC is a great tool to get your products ranked on the first page of the search results on Amazon. However, it does cost a lot of budget to use this tool so if you are not careful it might burn your budget without delivering the expected results. You can turn PPC into your own advantage by carefully choosing long tail keywords to use, and handpicking the right products to target in your strategy. This will help you gain better control over your own ad spend and make your campaigns more profitable.

How long does it take for Amazon PPC to work?

The waiting time for the first results on Amazon really depends on the campaign type you’re using, the daily budget you assigned to you campaigns and the competitiveness of the category you’re in. The more competitive the category – the faster your data collection is going to be. Same thing with daily campaign budgets. But, when it comes to targeting types, there are certain differences that apply:

  • Automated campaigns will take just a couple of days to show first impressions and clicks. You will know then if the whole campaign is going in the right direction. Automated campaigns are good for discovering some parts of the demand on Amazon that you might have not been aware of, and also for learning where is Amazon positioning your product in the marketplace.
  • Manual campaigns will take a bit longer to start showing impressions and clicks because manual targeting is often much narrower defined than auto targeting.
How much does Amazon PPC cost?

Amazon’s advertising platform works on a pay-per-click basis. This means that you only pay for actual clicks that Amazon arranged to come to your listing. However, you get to determine the daily budget for each PPC campaign you created, and that cumulatively translates into a monthly ad spend that is charged to you by the end of each month. If your maximum daily budget is $1/day, then your monthly ad spend is going to be $30.  

How do I switch from manual to auto campaigns on Amazon PPC?

It’s easy to change your campaigns from manual targeting to auto targeting. First you need to pause the manual campaign and then create an automated campaign. All this is being done through using the Seller Central interface. Each campaign targeting type has its own advantages. Manual campaigns enable you to target more effectively through making your own choice of keywords and products to target. Auto campaigns are useful too because they provide your products more exposure in the marketplace through automated placements.

What is a good ACoS for Amazon PPC?

A good ACoS is the one you can handle without losing money. This is also called the “breakeven ACoS”. The calculation for a breakeven ACoS is very simple. Your target ACoS should equal your profit margins because then you know you’re not losing money on advertising. So, if your product’s profit margin is 35% then that is the maximum ACoS you can afford without losing money. Some sellers who are in the middle of a product launch process will tolerate much higher ACoS for a long time, in order to help their product rank better organically on Amazon.

What are negative keywords on Amazon PPC?

There are two types of keywords on Amazon. Targeted and negative keywords. The ones you want your product to show up for are called targeted keywords. At the same time, you can easily “tell” the platform for which keywords you do not want to pay for. This means that once you enter negative keywords to your campaign, the system will not show your ads when a user is searching for that keyword on Amazon. Negative keywords can be more or less restrictive, depending on their match type. Exact match type negative keywords are less restrictive, meaning that Amazon will not show your ad for that specific phrase in that specific order. Phrase match negative keywords are more restrictive because they will prevent all similar search phrases from triggering your ad.

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More about us

Amazonia PPC is an Amazon PPC agency dedicated to providing custom-tailored advertising service to Amazon sellers. Our main job and focus is to nurture and scale your PPC account so you can focus on other areas of your business. Given the most recent world events, doing business had become much more complicated than ever and we’re here to provide support for your business. Our team is made of PPC experts committed to staying the best in the world when it comes to applying creative PPC solutions.

Our approach to PPC management

Our approach to Amazon PPC management is based on understanding your business as a whole and knowing that PPC is only a part of it. Before doing anything in the account, we will talk to you a lot. We’re firm believers in strong communication. Our first step when working with clients is to have a long, honest talk about your goals and your current situation.

We want to know everything. How you track things? What metrics are important to you? Do you prefer custom reporting? What areas of your business you feel could be improved? These are just a couple of questions we would ask.

Once we go through the initial kickoff call and are sure that we understand your current position, as well as your goals, we will give our best recommendation for moving forward.

Our Guarantees

One of the most common complaints we receive from our clients that previously worked with another agency are:

Not enough attention given to the account – some agencies start accepting too much work when they reach a certain size. This results into not enough attention given to your account. How are we different? We limit our number of clients to 20, so that each account is given the care and attention it deserves. We’re one small happy family.

Set and forget attitude – a lot of agencies take this “set it and forget it” attitude, explaining that they need more time to collect the data and optimize the campaigns accordingly. This is only partially true. While we do need some time to accumulate data in order to make informed decisions, there are a lot of things you can work on in the meantime. These things include work on your copywriting, the storefront, A+ content, split testing different listing versions for better conversion rates and more.

Not enough reporting – all our clients have a weekly call with their account manager, and in the meantime, they can talk to their account manager over Slack. This is how we beat other agencies in trying to sell a “monthly call” as some kind of exclusivity. One of our core values is strong communication with our clients. How will we achieve that if the communication is not frequent enough?

Only focusing on PPC – a lot of our clients complain that their previous agency only worked on PPC campaigns without taking holistic approach to managing their account. We consider that this is wrong and we look at each product specifically from a total sales perspective. Amazon PPC is here to help your product rank better, but there is other thing that have a big effect on this. Those are the things we pay attention to, such as: conversion rate optimization, copywriting, branding, competitive research, product validation and more.

We don’t claim to be perfect. But we do promise that we will care about you like no other agency.

What goal are you pursuing with your PPC account?

  • Profitability – your main goal is to maintain the same or better sales but with lower ad spend. You want your PPC account to become more profitable. Our experienced team of Amazon PPC managers will be there for you to optimize the account through various methods we use.
  • Growth – your goal is to grow sales while maintaining a profitable ACoS. What is a profitable ACoS on Amazon? A good ACoS on Amazon is the one that can allow your sales to grow without jeopardizing your profitability and causing you to lose money on advertising.

Our advertising experts are here to ensure that your account grows safely. Business growth is painful, especially on Amazon since inventory restrictions took place. Our account managers monitor your account daily as it grows, preventing any painful mistakes in a timely manner.

Looking to improve profitability in your account, or looking for a reliable partner for growth?

Our Amazon account audits

Before we even accept any engagement, we will audit your entire Amazon seller account with special focus on your PPC campaigns. By going through the campaigns and understanding what are some of the things you have already tried in your PPC strategy, we will easily know if we can help or not.

Our main focus is to determine a couple of things before you continue to spend money on Amazon PPC. One part of our account audit process is to review your product detail pages and see if there is some room for improvement there. We also review other important elements of your Amazon account such as: inventory performance, sales velocity month over month, how many new product launches you plan to have moving forward, are your product listing’s conversion rates on point?

All these elements are important for us to know because they can have a very serious effect on your PPC campaigns. Once we understand the bigger picture, we will go through your campaigns and learn all we can.

After the audit, we will tell you what the best course of action is, according to your current goals. We believe that this is the best approach, because that way we can easily tell which condition your account currently is in, and what the best next steps are.

We treat our amazon PPC management procedures as case-sensitive. This means that each account is unique and our procedures to manage PPC campaigns vary from one account to the other. We will adapt our frequency of tasks and analysis of the account depending from your needs.

  • Maybe you’re not reaching your full sales potential.
  • Maybe your PPC account needs more detailed manual attention
  • Maybe your PPC strategy needs to be more fine-tuned to support your inventory
  • Maybe you feel like your PPC account could be more profitable
  • Maybe your PPC campaigns could use a better structure moving forward
  • Maybe you feel like your PPC tool isn’t giving you enough value
  • Maybe you need more help with product launches
  • Maybe you need someone to monitor the relationship between PPC and your organic rankings daily
  • Maybe you just want a fresh set of eyes on your account, to gain better perspective

All these reasons are enough to set you mind to professionals managing your Amazon PPC account.

Amazonia PPC is one of the world’s first Amazon PPC agencies with a history of working with over a hundred direct to consumer and private label brands to grow their sales. We work both on Seller Central and DSP platforms, equally harvesting the opportunities from the standard platform, and testing out new functionalities of Amazon’s Demand Side Platform.

We cover all campaign types in our work, including sponsored products, sponsored brands and sponsored display.

Whether you want to be more present in the search results page on Amazon or looking to grow your brand awareness and reach audiences through remarketing, we have a strategy in place for your account

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