Adding new users to your Amazon Seller Central

This SOP is written for the purpose of doing an audit of the whole account, but you can use it for all purposes, just change certain user permissions in step 6. per your needs.

1. Login to your Seller Central account and in the upper right corner of the screen locate the Settings menu item and hover your mouse over it. Now, when a new dropdown menu opens locate the “User Permissions” item and click it.

2. In a newly opened screen, locate the “Add a New Seller Central User” area as shown on the picture below:

3. In the name field type the new user’s name, and in the next field, type the email address you were provided from the user for the invite, in our case that’s usually Then, don’t forget to click “Send Invitation” button.

4. After that, your new user will receive an email similar to the one below:

5. Once they click on the provided link and follow the instructions, you will have to grant them permissions by navigating again to the “User Permissions” screen as in step 1 and click on the “Manage Permissions” button next to the newly added user’s name as in below picture:

6. In a newly opened screen for granting user permissions, please check the following permissions marked with red rectangles.

7. Re-check everything and when you are ready, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on a yellow button “Continue”:

8. After that, you’ll be presented with a usual Amazon notification bar at the top of the screen:

9. All done! Your new user is set up and ready!

If you have something you would like to see on this list – send it to us and we’ll make sure to add it!

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