Goodbye Amazon Giveaways


Today is the last day that Amazon offers giveaways to users. After October 17th, giveaways as an option will no longer be available for sellers. Product launches have become a little harder now that we can’t count on the giveaways option.

Promotional giveaways were a great option to create a buzz and reward your audience while growing your followers and customers. The customers also loved it because Amazon giveaways were a great way for them to meet new interesting brands or items, free of charge.

What will happen next? What can you do instead of giveaways? Well, considering that Amazon removed the giveaways, as a first replacement you can try are external tools such as . Make sure to use them properly because explicit asking for good reviews on both platforms is considered a prohibited practice.

We expect that Amazon will soon introduce something better than giveaways that serves the same purpose. When they give up one feature, it’s usually because they have something bigger up their sleeve.