Amazon Listing Optimization Services

Amazon listing optimization is a project that requires a combination of marketing and SEO skills. You need to keep in mind various aspects that affect Amazon keyword ranking. To increase relevancy you should improve keyword density on product titles and descriptions. For customer on-page retention, you need to build enhanced branded content. Making sure your product will rank for relevant searches requires backend search term optimization. Also, for better conversion rates, you will need better product images and videos.

Amazon product title optimization

Every savvy seller starts their Amazon listing optimization by doing extensive keyword research. We use various professional Amazon keyword research tools to help you with this process. Some of them include Merchant words, Helium 10 and Jungle Scout. Not only you will receive high-quality keyword research services, but also you will benefit from the use of these professional tools with no hidden cost.

Product title optimization includes adding relevant keywords to your product title. Customers recognize this and understand that your product is relevant for their query. By all means, this significantly increases click-through-rates.

Amazon product description optimization

Amazon product description is the second most important part of text optimization of your product listing. Equally important, key product features are your main tool to persuade your users with reasons why your product is their best choice. There are two types of product descriptions: functionality-based or emotion-driven. We will focus on your ideal buyer and his needs. Our descriptions focus on showcasing the benefits and features of your products. We use easy-to-scan bullet points for readers who scan the page instead of reading. By all means, your product descriptions are safe in our hands.

Enhanced Branded Content

Enhanced brand content is one of the main visual aspects of Amazon listing optimization. You need to have it for customer retention on-page. It is also multi-functional because it also helps you in your branding efforts. Amazon offers various templates for enhanced branded content. We will find the right ones for each of your products and utilize this opportunity to combine text & graphics for increased sales. Our product listing optimization experts have made hundreds of unique EBC pages for our clients. Let us know how we can help.

amazon listing optimization

Back-end Search Term Optimization

Amazon’s SEO algorithm A9 heavily relies on back-end search terms to learn more about your product. Optimizing your back-end inventory search terms with relevant keywords is one of the mandatory steps in ranking higher. Amazon product ranking depends on three big things: how many sales you have, how many reviews you have, and how optimized for keywords your product listing is. Let us take care of all three so that you can focus on scaling your business.

Amazon Product Photography

Product photography is one of the most important visual aspects of your online presence. Therefore, if your shoppers can’t touch the product before purchasing, they will judge your product based on the photos. Don’t allow your competitors to beat you at this. We can make great product photos for you in collaboration with our Miami based photography studio: Same Day Creative Solutions. Images we offer include white background images, lifestyle product photos and Amazon product graphics illustrations.

Amazon Listing Translations

If you are making an effort to scale globally, you will need an optimized listing that really speaks the local communities language too. We have a partnership with a professional translations company dedicated to providing optimized listings in native languages. Their team of translators and editors are all native Japanese, Spanish, French, German and Italian people, trained in the art of speaking directly to the customer. Earn a 10% off of your first purchase by requesting a translation.

Amazon Product Categories

Assigning your product to the correct category is a very important aspect of getting ranked on Amazon. Let us guide you through the steps of choosing the right category. Moreover, once we determine where your product belongs, we will make sure it earns the ranking it deserves.

Free Product Listing Audit

To help you identify the low hanging fruits that you can use to generate more sales, we offer specialized free account audits. Request your free audit today.

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